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click for full size!The Deathsniffer’s Assistant
book 1 of the faraday files

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Six years after a national disaster killed his parents and left him destitute, Christopher Buckley is hired as the assistant to the eccentric and unstable murder detective, Olivia Faraday. Chris juggles the murder of an Old Blood noble, his sister’s dangerous magic power, a growing conspiracy that will shake the world, and Miss Faraday herself.

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2-Timeseer's-Gambit-final-front-cover-for-previewThe Timeseer’s Gambit
book 2 of the faraday files

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Now having worked together for three months, Chris and Olivia take on a serial killer who is unleashing elemental spirits to murder young priests in Darrington City. Meanwhile, they must untangle the conspiracy that has declared one man responsible for the worst tragedy of the century.

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3 The Heartreader's Secret final front cover final

The Heartreader’s Secret
book 3 of the faraday files

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Chris and Olivia journey to her childhood home to investigate a missing inventor and discover a much bigger case. Forces are conspiring to control Emilia Banks’s priceless research, and the Deathsniffer and her assistant begin to realize they’re the very forces they hoped to protect Christopher’s sister from…


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7 replies on “My Books”

Absolutley loved this book. I adore Christopher, what a refreshing change for a lead male. I can totally relate to Olivia’s bipolar tendencies and her flirtations with the “bad guys”. Anxiously awaiting your second book in the series, please tell me there will be a second!?’ I read a lot, like a book in a day or two so you can imagine how much blah I have had to weed through. Your deput is definitely a gem. I so appreciate you didn’t fall into the over played “sneered & it doesn’t make sense” yes I did see those a few times however you did not fall into the trap of overuse like so many other Amazon authors. My personal pet peeve, it actually drives me nuts. So thank you, yes thank you for an amazing debut. 5 star rating! Christine

There will be a second! Have no fear! The Timeseer’s Gambit will most likely be out next summer. As soon as I find out more specific info, all my fans will be the first to know <3

Ahhh I’m currently in the middle of a dramatic part in book 2 and I have to know – will there be a book 3? I’m loving this series!

There will absolutely be a book 3! There are 4 planned books. Book 3 is finished and is in the revisions phases right now 🙂 I’ll be sure to update everyone as soon as I have concrete news of a release date!

That’s so exciting! I’m torn between racing to read the end and trying to savor the current book as long as possible…I’ll keep an eye out for news 😀

Lynne, I should hopefully have some news about book 3 in the next few weeks! It’s finished and with the publisher, and we’re very close to have specifics nailed down!

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